Our Products

Pooja’s Equipments reach out and touch each and every industry.“Pooja Lab Equipments” has been efficiently adding value to the environment, people and society through manufacture of instruments in the high national priority

Chromatography refrigerators store and protect a variety of materials during the demanding requirements of daily use in research, clinical, and industrial laboratories.The refrigerators provide temperature uniformity and stability and are available in a variety of models and sizes.

Medical-grade refrigerators designed for the secure storage of medications and vaccines.Designed specifically for medications, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.Superior temperature uniformity, recovery & stability to keep your pharmaceuticals safe and effective

BOD Incubator (Bio-Oxygen Demand) are used to maintain temperature for test tissue culture growth, storage of bacterial cultures and incubation where high degree of constant temperature accuracy is required. BOD Incubators provide accurate conditions and uniformity throughout the chamber.

Ice flakers produces crushed ice with a vertical cylindrical evaporator and heavy-duty auger mechanism.The gearbox, the bearing and motor protection device have been designed in a totally different way to provide full reliability and guarantee your entire satisfaction.

Illuminated plant growth chambers are special type of environmental test chambers which are designed to perform plant growth experiments inside laboratory. The aim of a plant growth chamber is to create such atmospheric conditions responsible for effective plant germination and growth.

Stability chambers help pharmaceutical testing labs meet ICH standards. Stability Chambers provide a controlled temperature and humidity environment.They are perfect for stability tests, e.g. in Pharma or packaging. Other applications include environmental testing or controlled storage.

Freezer cum refrigerator contemplate a wide range of application that require close temperature control, full access to stored specimen and chemicals that are available in two versions i.e non-Gmp and Gmp.They are used in clinical, pathological laboratories and many more.

Ultra low temperature freezers (ULT freezers) are used for the storage of drugs, enzymes, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, cell preparations, and tissue samples, among others.These upright freezers have been designed for sample protection and ease of use

Low-temperature Deep freezers are deliberately designed for plasma storing and other requiring close low. The operating temperature ranges from minus 25°C to minus 40°C.The compressors are Heavy duty hermetically sealed, reciprocate compressor couples with air-cooled condenser

Deep freezers are  deliberately designed for storing and other requiring close low temperature control and full access to freezer contents.Cooling coils are dehydrated imported copper tubing soldered to the external side of the working chamber from all sides.

Orbital Shaking Incubators are designed for precise temperature control and simultaneous shaking applications required in fermentations studies, enzyme reactions, tissue culture and biotechnology, research labs.

Cryostat Bath can maintain very low temperatures. Medical laboratories use a cryostat to preserve frozen tissue samples while a microtome, an extremely sharp cutting instrument mounted inside cryostats, slices the tissue into pieces thin enough to be observed under a microscope

Bacteriological Incubator is used for storage of bacteria plate and bacterial culture growth at 37 degree Celsius. These incubators are fitted with heating temperature only; therefore, these are also called heated incubators.In Bacteriological incubators, the set temperatures are normally in the range of 10°C above ambient to 60°C.

Laboratory ovens provide uniform temperature and precise temperature control for heating, baking, evaporating, sterilizing and other industrial laboratory functions. These ovens generally provide pinpoint temperature control and uniform temperatures throughout the heating process