Pooja has travelled a long way to reach its present position as a household word in the world of Science and Scientists. The inspiration behind this journey was derived form a team of scientific entrepreneurs committed to continuously excel in providing high customer satisfaction through product quality at the right price.

Inhouse R&D

Our company has got team of R & D Department considering every trend and aspect.

Quality Control

Quality in each and every aspect of operations- products processes and people.


People can make a significant difference to the performance of an enterprise.


The company is built on self –reliance guard towards import substitution and the pursuit of perfection.

Eco-Friendly Aspect

we started manufacturing Eco–Friendly refrigeration equipment with a global aspect

We design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art scientific instruments/ equipments to suit the latest technology.

Our company has got team of R & D Department considering the present trend / development in scientific instrumentation / lab Equipments design. The Company is well equipped with latest technology and in house Research and Development.

Up gradation of Product Engineering
Meets meticulous demands of industry
Anything You Need

We design, develop and manufacture various modern high-tech instruments / equipment of prestigious institutions, labs, research centers etc.

Friendly Priced Products

We have a wide range of high quality products with a reasonably good pricing.

Our Products

Pooja’s Equipments reach out and touch each and every industry. Laboratories, Educational institutions, Pharmaceuticals, textiles, agro techs, biotech, fisheries, space research, food & Beverages the list is endless. You name it. The company has got it. In fact, “Pooja Lab Equipments” has been efficiently adding value to the environment, people and society through manufacture of instruments in the high national priority category, substituting imports, promoting exports, generating employment, creating prosperity, supporting education, enriching farmers, providing health and improving the quality of life of mankind. 

high-tech instruments
Professional Trainers